Case Studies…. I’m a business person, why would I need one??

With the electronic age we live in, both B2B and B2C businesses face the same issues in gaining client confidence.

Whenever a potential client comes onto a website, we have only a few seconds to a few minutes to try to gain his attention and share our product or service. Within that time we will either gain a client, alienate a client, or just postpone a potential business transaction.

Unless our potential clients have heard about us through mutual acquaintances or other types of contacts, there will be a natural sense of wonder.

I wonder if this business is legit.

I wonder if this business is ethical and will do what they say they’ll do.

I wonder if I should spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

Enter the case study. This amazing tool is also like a testimonial but is much more.

Where a testimonial is a short declaration of a client’s satisfaction, the case study will give the potential client a much deeper explanation of the problem, what the person or business in the case study experienced, how the business addressed the situation to the satisfaction of the client.

Another name for the case study is “success story”.

As you look at your clients’ success stories, try to think of what you as a business person would hope customers would pick up on.

Is it your service?

How about your intuitiveness or that second sense that guides you to the heart of the problem?

Maybe it is your tenacious spirit that just will not allow your team to give up until the need is met.

Case studies are more valuable than ever. Whatever money your business invests in this tool will be money well spent.

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