Copy that Compels …

As a business owner, your focus is on your product or service and keeping it available. As your freelance copywriter, Cindy Rodriguez Copywriting’s focus is on giving you copy that compels your potential client to make that next step towards accessing it.

White Papers

Getting the correct information to potential clients is important, and just as important is writing it so that they will read it. Let CRC work with you to create those papers that get read.

Case Studies

The internet is a great tool for today’s businesses, but the trust that warm referrals can give is lost. Let CRC help you provide Case Studies that create the confidence that your potential clients need.

Email Marketing

A mainstay in today’s digital world, email still is the preferred communication avenue. Email marketing can bring the results you desire. Let CRC help you incorporate this tool in your regular marketing plan.

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Reach out so we can work together. Let’s find the way to drive more customers to your products and services.

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